• Exciting Valence
    The Best Of CD Album
  • Exciting Valence
    The Best Of CD Album


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The Best of Album

(2012 - 2018)

Release Datum : 5.10.2018

Compact Disc in Steelbox playing Time : 59 Min.36 sek.

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CD Album 16,95€

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News & Updates


The New CD is now available in the online store - "PoPonaut"



At the moment new songs are being created, which I will announce here. I will implement many new ideas musically and some with video.

There will be more action / news on my website, I will continue to work on new subpages such as a shop, a photo gallery and chat to create the possibility of communication, in short, make the whole site even more interesting.

The music for the next album will be a little more experimental, I'll let things run wild, let's see what it all comes out of it.

Greetings David


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