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Welcome to the first newsletter in spring.

Here is my video of Human Company ;-) The song carries the message in itself, which in the video again becomes clear, it is about the duality of man. It is already on the next track. He is probably called "Summer". And the joy when he is finally there. The "EV" music comes just out of life and as it happens randomly, I process the very latest things. "Human Company" is relatively up-to-date, and it will probably remain so if we look at the current world events on our small earth "disk" :-). I wish you a nice Sunday, until the next newsletter. David

Hier ist mein Video zu Human Company ;-) Der Song trägt die Botschaft in sich, was im Video nochmal etwas deutlich wird, es geht um die Dualität des Menschen. Ich arbeite bereits weiter am nächsten Titel, warscheinlich mit dem Namen "Summer". Und die Freude darüber, wenn er endlich da ist. Die "EV" Musik kommt aus dem Leben und wie es der Zufall will verarbeite ich gleich ganz aktuelle Dinge. Auch "Human Company" ist relativ aktuell, und wird es wohl leider auch bleiben,wenn wir uns die momentanen Weltgeschehnisse auf unserer kleinen Erden - "Scheibe" :-) betrachten. Ich wünsche Euch einen schönen Sonntag, bis zum nächsten Newsletter. David

Music of "EV"


CD 8,99 € incl. Download

1 . Alle Dinge der Welt
2 . My Reality
3. Lies on Command
4. The Sky is never Blue
5. Himmelstor
6. Es ist nie zu spät
7. Life
8. Land of Tomorrow

The "Revival Synth Album" of the Year 2014 (UK)

CD 8,99 € incl. Download
1 . Why
2 . It´s Never To Late
3 . Infected World
4 . Coming Home
5 . Coming Home Part II
6 . The Way To You
7 . Streets Of Destiny
8 . Loves Maschine
9 . Fight
10. Love
11. When We Living
12. Maximum Evolution
13. Desire
14. We Lose The Control
15. ElementsLIGHT & SHADOW

CD 8,99 € incl. Download
1 . Tell me When
2 . Fly
3 . Expedition in Stereo
4 . Heavens Gate
5 . Not Enough
6 . Found and Lost
7 . A Child is Born
8 . Happy Song
9 . Wonderful World

The Revival Synth Album
2014 (UK)

The Interview with Andy from Revival Synth and David

Q. Light & Shadow was the first album released from Exciting Valence in 2012, When did Exciting Valence begin?

A. I started with the official work in October 2011.

Q. Your album 'Desire' has a lot of titles based on the beginning of life etc.. Is this something that fascinates you?

A. I think life is more as that we can understand. It is so mysterious,and the longing so great about it to know more about it.

Q. What musicians have inspired you?

A. I've always been impressed by musicians who make melodies that get under the skin.

Q. What keyboards are you using at the moment?

A. I always use keyboards that have the sound that I just need, I use many different keyboards. Roland Juno ,CS2X Yamaha, Korg Wavestation & many more

Q. What was the first one you ever bought?

A. My first keyboard was a Yamaha PSS-280 with mini keys, which I bought 1989 from my confirmation money and I could play all my favorite songs ;-) happy !

Q. You cover 80's tracks, What was your favourite track from the 80's?

A. Oh, there are very many. But one reminds me more of my childhood "Feels like Heaven" by Fiction Factory. When I hear it I'm away.

Q. You are a soloist with an amazing talent, Am I right to say you do everything yourself from the minute you put pen to paper to the designs and releases of your songs?

A. Thank you Andy! I do everything myself, from the idea, production music to video and cover.

Q. Do you have your own studio in Germany?

A. At the moment I am just creating my own Studio, I think it will be ready in Ferbruary . At the moment I only have a home recording studio.

Q. Looking at your photos David, I take it you're into everything to do with the Solar System?

A. It fascinates me how we live, I want to know more, more about us ...

Q. The Way To You has a video featuring clips of Laurel & Hardy, Are you a big fan of them?

A. Yes, I love Stan and Olli, They show us our mistakes and humanity to your lovable nature.wonderful !

Q. My Angel Has Spoken by Shiny Darkness is one of my favourite albums, I see you have it too?

A. Shiny Darkness are fantastic musicans with a great sound they remind me a lot of Depeche Mode . My Favourite is "Highs and Lows"

Q. The French maestro Greg Warum has been plugging EV too hasn't he?

A. Yes "Greg Warum" has been very encouraging with my music. I am very pleased and am very thankful that he likes my music as you like! It was very important for me and it has given me much strength. Thank You Grégory & Andy!

Q. I see from your quotes that music is your soul and your passion. When you start writing music do you go in to 'another world'?

A. Yes i think when I write & make music, then I go on the blue EV planet It is my own world and that your listening.

Q. 2015 could see you working with a band?

A. Yes, I've been playing for a year with a friend for family celebrations and small events, where we were able to try it out under another name. In 2015, there will be two of us as "The Exciting Valence"

Q. Do you plan to take EV on the road?

A. Yes, I hope that we will get some EV appearances. The new joint Maxi Single will be a job application CD for the Stage-grade new sound of EV. With which we want to show that we also rock the stage.

Q. The Sky Is Never Blue is a new single being released, Will it be released this year?

A. At present my energy flows in this single and the video for "The Sky is Never Blue" I think it will probably be at the end of January to February.

Congratulations on 'Desire' being Revival Synth's album of the year and Thank You for bringing your music to us and from a personal point of view, Thank You for all the support you have given my site. Is there anything you would like to add? Thanks David :)

I am very grateful, there is more to me than you probably think. much courage to believe in Exciting Valence. I thank you all and look forward to have found me my place alongside with so many other great artists. Thanks Andy !

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