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Thank You

A track for the new CD album.

The song "Thank You" will be completely available with the release of my new CD.

Downloads will be published 3 weeks later.

There will be "Thank You" in 3 versions (Synthpop / Italo Disco & Club Version).


Here is a short trailer for the song and the new album.


THE Best of CD Album

von Exciting Valence


Welcome to the "EV" News in July.


On the 5th of October the first "Best of CD Album" will be available from Exciting Valence.

The best songs from (2011 - 2018), on board are of course also unpublished titles like "Thank You".


The album name was changed by me again "The Best of Exciting Valence",


On saturday the 6th of october a release party will take place. I will inform you about this event in due time.


The new album will be released in a powerfully transparent sound, because I have been tinkering a few months again, In the new song "Thank You" you can feel a small but subtle difference.


Much work is now on the program, I will remain until the next newsletter and wish you all a great summer time. Best regards ! David



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